2022 Chairperson

Image has a cream background with a large triangular rainbow on the right. In front of the rainbow is a circular image of Rob Partridge, the chairperson. To the left are the words "a message from the chair."

Welcome to Galway Community Pride 2022!

The committee have given so much time and worked hard to put together a weeklong programme packed with inclusive events exploring the diversity of our community, and I’m very proud to have worked with them this year.

Recent incidents such as the shocking murders in Sligo and the violent attacks on LGBT+ people in Dublin over the past few months have shown that Pride is still very much needed, and every few days it feels like there is another reason to explain why. Even with all the colour and pageantry, Pride is still a protest, and it allows us to stand together and show the world who we are. But it’s also a celebration, and I very much look forward to celebrating with you. If you see me during Pride week come and say hi!

To our families, friends and allies, Happy Pride 2022! #CourageInAction